Daily DRVN #24

Victory is a drink best served cold, over Lucky Charms 🍀

Get revved, DRVRS!  

We are so back! At least… The Daily DRVN newsletter is.

I know, we missed a week. But when you hear why, I think you’ll forgive us.

We were wrapping up our submission for the Backdrop Build v4 accelerator program. After a nearly 4-week caffeine fueled drag race we had completed the proof-of-concept app for the DRVN/VHCLS RWA platform.

Our objective: To develop the foundations of a mobile app that conveys the MVP features and functionality with a UX that’s accessible to web2 and web3 users alike.

Not only am I proud to say that we achieved our goal, but I am even more proud to announce that…

DRVN/VHCLS was selected as a finalist!

What’s more, our project demo was featured by Backdrop in their closing ceremony as one of their outstanding submissions!

So, what does this mean for the project? As far as I understand it, a whole lot of doors are about to be opened resulting in promotions and marketing, tech partnerships, grants, and investment.

NGL, I kinda feel like Newgarden after winning the Indy 500. Bring on the milk! 🥛🤤 🏆️ 

Last week we published an article going into detail on the project. If you’re interested in learning more and taking it for a test drive, here you go.

Let’s Celebrate with a Free(ish) Mint!

Backdrop teamed up with Forage.xyz to commemorate and support the projects that participated in the v4 program.

Projects were invited to create an NFT on Forage to be featured on the Backdrop Build v4 page. Have a look though all of the amazing projects that completed the program and show them some love by minting their NFT on the Base network.

Minting is damn near free, at about $2.50 a pop, including gas. If that were on Ethereum main net the gas would be triple the price.

By minting our NFT you’re showing the Backdrop community how strong our fam is, with the projects accumulating the most mints placing higher on the page. Plus, we’ll receive a portion of the mint fees to help us keep building.

What’s in it for you? Well, for starters, every NFT you mint will get you a nice little $BSTR airdrop. The more you mint, the bigger your $BSTR bag will be. We will likely also tie them to some future utility within the DRVN/VHCLS app.

You can also get a referral link to promote the mint to your followers, allowing you to earn a portion of every mint your efforts result in.

Let’s show them how strong the DRVN family is!

Now it’s time to dive in to all the latest updates, announcements, and alpha from across the automotive web3 sector.

We’ve got two weeks worth of news to catch up on, so without any further delay…

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Four strokes of quick-fire news from the automotive web3 and motorsport world.


Apes who suited up in Alpine race gear will be receiving an NFT badge on ApeChain later this summer.

Be grateful, it’s more than Gasly or Ocon have won in a long time.


Predict the results of the F1 Canada GP and win up to 1,000 $VEXT.

Enter for free at app.vextoken.io/proposals


The Oracle Red Bull Racing F1 team extends Checo’s contract for 2 more years.

Was this the right move for RB?


BAC releases the “pre-version” of their highly anticipated videogame.

Read the full details on their Medium blog.

Enter the game at game.bacgame.io

Honda Joins Torque Drift 2

You can’t have a drifting game without one of the all-time JDM legends. Honda.

Now you can buy, upgrade, and drift the incredible S2000, and Civic Type R. Yes, the Civic is technically front wheel drive. If you’re wondering how that’s possible just tell yourself they are using the McDonald’s tray method (IYKYK).

But what I, and other JDM lovers are waiting for is the introduction of the iconic NSX! Word has it, the poor-man’s Ferrari is on it’s way soon.

Solly Officially Joins Rug Radio — W3GP Takes on the Canadian GP

The plot thickens. What you may have thought was a fun experiment between The Motorverse’s golden boy, Matt Solomon, and Rug Radio’s resident rainbow regurgitator, Pukerrainbow, has turned into a full-blown F1 / Web3 crossover experience.

That is, the Web3 Grand Prix X Space. AKA, the W3GP.

Next up, the W3GP crew takes it to Canadia. Tune in to their live coverage of the qualifying sessions at the Canadian GP. Head over to the post below to set your reminder so you don’t miss the action.

The Motorverse GM, Will Griffiths Appears on the Strange Water Podcast to talk Cars, Crypto and Web3 Gaming

Host, LogarithmicRex (no relation to Rex Tracer) extracts insights from Will Griffiths about the Motorverse and the intersection of web3 and gaming.

Here’s the TL;DR. Listen to the full interview below to get the full picture.

Animoca Brands is pioneering digital property rights for gamers and internet users through the Motorverse. Will Griffiths delves into the transition from gaming to crypto and fintech, emphasizing the importance of building games with Web3 tools for success. The integration of popular brands like Porsche, Nissan, and Toyota into the gaming ecosystem enhances user experience and business opportunities.

With 10 games available that blend web 2 and web 3, the Motorverse creates an immersive, online car experience where actions in one game impact others, fostering a cycling ecosystem of value creation. The Rev token plays a central role, serving as a store of value, a unifying factor, and an incentive for developers.

Developers are even rewarded with tokens as part of the team, driving innovation and passion within the industry. The future of web3 gaming looks promising, and the Motorverse is at the forefront embracing this exciting evolution.

OBS World Introduced Personal Garages

The OBS World keeps expanding. And this time it is into a space entirely your own. According to this post it is now possible to build your own personal garage within the game, and allow other players to visit your curated man cave (or whoa-man cave).

I’ve not yet had a chance to find out exactly how this is done. But you better believe I will use my contacts at OBS World to give you the full scoop in a future artice.

Plus, there appear to be additional benefits for OBSW License Plat NFT holders. If you’re thinking of taking advantage, you can get yours here.

MotoGP Guru and Gresini Racing launch Fan-Powered Sponsorship Program

Gresini Racing, in partnership with The Motorverse’s MotoGP Guru has introduced an exciting Fan-Powered Sponsorship program, offering fans the unique opportunity to become part of the team and enjoy exclusive, money-can't-buy experiences like garage and paddock access, signed memorabilia, and more, with four sponsorship packages ranging from €125 to €10,000.

One lucky fan will win a Ducati Panigale V4S factory-built, race-prepared training bike or $20,000, with every sponsor entered into the draw. By purchasing a sponsorship package, fans' commitments to the team will be recorded on the blockchain, and they will receive a personalized Fan Sponsor certificate.

Not ready to commit? Register for fan sponsor updates to stay informed about future race weekends and the opportunity to become a pivotal part of the team. Discover the full range of benefits and exclusive experiences by learning more about Gresini Racing's Fan-Powered Sponsorship program.

The 2024 Ferrari Esports Series Begins

Digital vehicle culture doesn’t always need to include blockchain (although I prefer it when it does) because at the core, it’s about the love of motorsport and the ability for the average person to experience what was once only accessible to the mega-wealthy.

On the topic of “F-you” money brands that, thanks to sim racing are now “F-yeah” for the rest of us… The 2024 Ferrari Esports Series has begun. If you play Assetto Corsa now is your chance to see if you have what it takes to hang with the pros. Or better yet, join them!

If not, there is sure to plenty of action to follow on your favorite streaming sites.

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