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GM, DR🍕RS.  

Yesterday was Bitcoin Pizza Day. I hope you got yourself a celebratory slice, or six.

If you were in NYC you had no excuse. Coinbase rolled out a mobile pizza parlor in NYC, selling $1 slices and some rad merch.

It may not be a flame throwing, tire shredding, turbocharged beast, but we can appreciate the crypto / vehicle crossover all the same!

Although… Now that I mention it… What would it look like if it was? 🤔 

With that out of my system, let’s see what the Automotive Web3 sector has been up to this past week.

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Automotive Web3 Asset Performance




7D Change


















































NFT Collections



7D Sales

7D Vol.


Torque Squad

0.0399 ETH


0.16 ETH



0.0139 ETH


0.02 ETH


REVV Racing



0.02 ETH


NXT Icons Era 1

0.0799 ETH




NXT Superdackel

0.009 ETH




BAC Genesis Runner

0.2 ETH


7.71 ETH


Velocity 2.0

0.29 ETH


2.64 ETH


Wilder Wheels

0.1935 ETH


2.36 ETH


Wilder Moto

0.153 ETH


0.76 ETH


Wilder Crafts

0.89 ETH


2.12 ETH



Four strokes of quick-fire news from the automotive web3 world.


OBS World partners with BitDegree to bring web3 education into the OBS experience.

As part of the collaboration, they are giving participants the chance to win tickets for an unforgettable track day at the legendary Nürburgring, in Germany.

More details are coming in June. Read the full article from OBS World.


Wilder World v0.4.0 is coming. This is the next step on the journey to official launch of the game on the Epic game store

The Wilder World team is highly active on X, where you will find all the latest updates and alpha.

BelsheBits explains how WW is more than a racing game. In fact, it combines 4 tried-and-true game modes.


The first activation between ApeCoin and Alpine F1 is in the books, with more on the way.


Speaking of, the best way to find out what this collab has in store is to attend this Q&A session on the Alpine Discord server on Friday 5.24 at 2pm EST/8pm CET.

The Spirit of Senna Takes Over Monaco - McLaren SENNA Presented by OKX

The McLaren F1 team has been getting a lot of attention as of late. Not least of which is due to Lando’s epic win in Miami, followed by his relentless attack on Championship leader Max, resulting in a very respectable P2 in the Italian GP.

But now, all eyes are on McLaren and their Senna inspired livery as they prepare to hit the streets of Monaco, in truly epic fashion.

This retro wrap is an homage to McLaren’s most decorated driver, Ayrton Senna (AKA, “The King of Monaco”) and his iconic Brazilian themed helmet. The campaign is an activation with their sponsor, crypto exchange OKX. And it appears to be making quite the impact, with the F1 fandom unanimously praising the stunning design.

The press release from OKX indicates that this is part of a larger marketing campaign celebrating their recent expansion to Brazil. While it makes no mention of what exactly is to come, some of the art they released (seen below) hints at possible digital collectibles that could be around the corner, immortalizing the man, the team and the moment on-chain for eternity.

For a deeper dive into the origins of the helmet that became a symbol of dominance, the story below is a must-read.

The Motorvers, PukeCast, and Rug Radio Team Up for the W3GP F1 X Space Series!

The Motorverse ambassador and Torque Squad founder, Matt Solomon has joined forces with @Pukerrainbow and other web3 personalities to introduce a live show that every DRVN Culture reader should be absolutely stoked for!

The W3GP F1 X Space! They kicked off the first episode during the Italian GP qualifying sessions. As a listener, I can tell you it was a good fun watching qualie live along with other hardcore fans and curious newcomers from the web3 space.

If you missed it, you can watch the 2-hour broadcast here.

Tune into the next episode during the Monaco GP. Follow @mattsolomon and @Pukecast to get the details as soon as they drop.

Solly posted his quick list of highlights from the show, and I think they just scratch the surface of the vibes from the space.

Mercedes-Benz NXT “The Era of Technology” Collection Mint Goes Live

Many months in the making, Mercedes-Benz NXT has officially opened the mint for the second in a seven-part series of digital collectibles.

To mint yours, go to mint.nxt.mercedes-benz.com. There are only 780 pieces in this collection, and the minting closes in 7 days.

For more information on the Icons collection read our article that covers it in detail.

Speaking of details. The post below explains all 62 traits that will be randomly applied to each item minted.

In addition to holding a piece of automotive history, Mercedes-Benz NXT seams to have heard the calls from their community to add more value and utility to the collectibles. Now, holders will gain access to exclusive events and experiences.

How this will affect primary sales and secondary demand… Time will tell. But if you are a true Benz fan, the bar has been raised and the value is priceless.

JDM Dream Garage

A look at the collection of iconic rides from our vehicle operations partner, RevHard Motors.

Spoon is synonymous with the heritage of Japanese tuning. RevHard Motor’s owner, Josh is releasing this remarkable 1997 Honda Civic Type R from his personal collection to find a new caretaker. But this is not any Type R. It’s not even any Spoon Sports tuned Type R.

It is THE genuine Spoon Sports demo car that was featured in Hyper Rev Magazine and the original Gran Tourismo videogame.

It embodies the pinnacle of Civic engineering and Spoon Sports' tuning mastery. It's not just a car; it's a chance to own a piece of automotive history, a vehicle meticulously crafted by a revered name in the tuning industry.

Every part of this car has been carefully mastered and maintained to offer an exciting drive while keeping Honda's well-known reliability. While in Josh’s care it has been kept as true and original as possible to the original spec.

Check out the video below to learn about Josh’s personal journey with this car, and understand his passion and knowledge for the rarest and most historically relevant JDM legends.

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