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Mercedes, Veloce, BAC, and RedBull bring the heat!

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Automotive Web3 Asset Performance




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Torque Squad

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REVV Racing

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NXT Icons Era 1

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NXT Superdackel

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BAC Genesis Runner

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Velocity 2.0

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Wilder Wheels

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Wilder Moto

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Wilder Crafts

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Mercedes-Benz NXT Releases Mint Date & Details of the Upcoming Icons Collection

We’ve been following Mercedes’ range of NXT NFT collections pretty closely for months. Now, the time has nearly come for the second in their seven-part series of Icons NFT collections.

Wen? We got that info and so much more!

⏲️ Day/Time: The online mint opens Tuesday May 21, 18:00 CET / 12:00 EDT / 9:00 PDT and will remain open for seven days.

🛍️ Supply: The maximum supply of 780 is double the minted supply of last era. They believe this is a good number to grow into and brings the Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons collection more attention.

🤑 Price: They have chosen a price of 0.08 eth, which is below the fixed price of the last era in terms of eth value.

🏷️ Discounts: There are two levels of discounts:
Holders of a core collection (“Maschine”, Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons, Mercedes-Benz NXT Eternities), you will get a 30% discount, with a limit of one discount per mint. Each token can be used once to receive a discount.
Members of the Superdackel pack, you will receive a 15% discount, with a limit of one discount per mint. Each token can be used once to receive a discount.

🎫 Mint Passes: The mint pass was a way of saying “thank you” to early collectors of “Maschine” and Mercedes-Benz NXT Eternities. Each can be used once and is burned when a digital collectible is minted.

Mint passes can be used and discounts for existing collectors apply throughout the whole week. Save it in your calendar and view it in your time zone: → https://evt.to/eaioihhiw 

To make collecting even smoother and more accessible to all, they have introduced instant on-demand crypto wallet creation through email and social logins. Also, credit card payments are now available, supporting all major cards.

Read the 𝕏 thread, linked below for the full details.

A couple weeks back we published an article deep-diving into the coming “Era of Technology” collection. To learn more about it definitely go give it a read.

Veloce eSports Teams Up with Animoca’s Stream

Veloce Media Group, an Animoca backed venture, is the undisputed champion of sim racing streaming with deepening roots in the web3 space. In a brilliant move to expand their visibility they are partnering with Animoca’s new monetized streaming platform. Aptly named, Stream.

What is Stream?

Following in the footsteps of Mocaverse and Open Campus, Stream is the third pillar of Animoca’s ecosystem, advised and backed by a who’s-who of blue chip partners, industry leaders, leading streamers, creators, and KOLs.

Stream is manifesting a world where creators are paid on par with the value they provide by providing monetization layers to streaming and allowing creators/audiences to earn in incredible new ways.

(With sim racing livestreaming coming to DRVN in the near future, this is a platform we will keep a VERY close eye on!)

Bonus Alpha - Sign up for their Premint campaign

Stream appears to be in extremely early stages of its development. So early, in fact, that it has no public website. However, they do have a Premint campaign. IYKYK that this means either white list or airdrop! My suggestion is go sign up. It could be a great investment of 3 minutes of your time.

Blast Auto Club Closes $1.5M Seed Round

As if BAC hasn’t been killing it already… Consistently being one of the top NFT projects on the Blast network, here is one more reason to be bullish. They just secured $1.5M in funding during their seed round to further accelorate the development of their gam and introduce a slew of new features to their holders.

It’s no wonder that their Genesis Runner NFT collection has a rock-solid floor.

Speaking of their NFTs…

The Genesis Runner NFT IDO snapshot has been taken!

If you are a holder of their genesis NFT collection you will be eligible for the airdrop of their token. The rest of us plebs are gonna have to buy it once it hits the open market.

Bybit/Redbull Explains their DN-404 Velocity Pass NFT / $SPEED token

Per-usual Red Bull Racing doesn’t half-ass anything so when they release an NFT or a token, they pull no punches. In this case, they are leveraging the innovative new “404” standard that seemlessly combines the two. Showoffs.

Want to know how? Their sponsor/partner Bybit breaks it down in a new article.

Here’s the TL;DR

The Oracle Red Bull Racing Velocity Series is a collaboration between Oracle Red Bull Racing and Bybit, integrating Formula 1 racing with blockchain technology and NFTs. The series introduces the DN-404 protocol, a novel approach to blockchain technology designed for fractional NFTs, allowing them to be owned and traded more flexibly. This protocol uses a mint-and-burn mechanism to manage the relationship between fungible tokens and their corresponding NFTs.

The $SPEED token is the official token of the Oracle Red Bull Racing Velocity Pass 2.0, integrated with digital Velocity Pass NFTs. These NFTs unlock privileges within the Oracle Red Bull Racing ecosystem, offering holders exclusive benefits like special events, digital art drops, and unique experiences. The DN-404 protocol and $SPEED token enhance user experience, providing better liquidity and flexible participation.

Spoiler alert… DRVN/VHCLS, our forthcoming RWA project will be using a similar asset standard for our tokenized investment-grade JDM vehicles.

Torque Motorsport Videos

Been looking for something to watch? Torque Motorsport has been creating some great video content as of late. Sit back and enjoy some of their recent vids.

Let’s start with some IRL drifting action

Feeling inspired? Why don’t you check out with the newest update to Torque Drift 2 has to offer?

Not sure if you’ve got the hardware to handle it? Alex Martini has got some suggestions for your gaming rig. Although, I suspect you can enjoy TD2 with less horsepower than his PC is pushing.

Apparently custom tracks are possible in TD2 as well. Check out this short from the Torque Motorsport team as they test out a ridiculous map.

JDM Dream Garage

Introduction our newest Daily DRVN segment, showcasing some of the insane rides RevHard Motors, our vehicle operations partner for DRVN/VHCLS is procuring. Our hope is that this will paint the picture of the type of investment-vehicles we will be bringing to the RWA platform!

This is the R33 GT-R Autech edition. A super-rare variant of the Nissan Skyline GT-R, produced by Autech Japan, a subsidiary of Nissan known for producing high-performance versions of Nissan vehicles, often with enhancements in both performance and luxury.

The R33 GT-R Autech is one such example. This vehicle is based off of the standard R33 sedan, however, has been treated to the full GT-R package, including the AWD system and RB26DETT, flared rear quarters and rear doors to mimic the GT-R, and the wider front fenders and front bumper from the GT-R, and an aftermarket Nismo front lip.

This particular Autech Edition R33 features some tasetful modifcations, including Enkei GTC 01 wheels, an aftermarket exhaust, and Recaro seats.

It is number #142 of #412 Autech R33s, and is one of 253 in Sonic Silver.

Got a spare $70K from your recent memecoin trades? Reach out to our boy Josh at RevHard Motors to get some of the rarest JDM moon-whips that’ll have last bull-run’s Lambo-bois rubbernecking!

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