Daily DRVN #20

Push Push Push! Digital vehicle culture is not slowing down.

Welcome back, DRVRs! 

A lot can happen in a week. Luckily DRVN Culture is here to fill you in on everything that’s going down in the digital vehicle culture.

Let’s start with the latest from DRVN Labo and Based Buster Coin (that’s us).

$BSTR Token Launch Recap

A week ago we released our ecosystem token, $BSTR. It was an exciting time with nearly 900 Telegram members eagerly waiting for the signal. With all our last-minute checks complete we were ready to roll. So, the trading LP was activated on Uniswap, and we were live!

Honestly, everything went rather smoothly. Until it didn’t.

Fast And Furious Brian Oconner GIF by The Fast Saga

Gif by thefastsaga on Giphy

The early influx of snipers and traders was quickly chilled when it was discovered that sell orders were failing. This led to some Telegram members spreading fud calling the project a honey-pot. For a brief moment they weren’t wrong. It was just not at all our intention.

We quickly identified that it was an issue with the sell-tax calculation within the token contract, causing sell transactions to fail. Basically, you could buy but you couldn’t sell. Immediately, we updated the buy/sell tax to 0% and the issue was fixed. (It will remain at 0% until we determine if there is a solution to the bug)

We followed that up by locking the liquidity for 12 months.

However, by that time, the excitement for the token launch had faded.

No Way Brian Oconner GIF by The Fast Saga

Gif by thefastsaga on Giphy

To add insult to injury, this left us unable to renounce the contract to provide additional assurance to traders. And let’s not forget the market-wide cool-off that set in on damn-near the same day.

But if you know your F&F, $BSTR is resilient! We continue to build the DRVN Labo ecosystem and add value to the Based Buster Coin, even if the market is bogging and our token launch was less than perfect.

In fact, we just collected one small win that could have a big impact on the project. Check it out in the SSBB section below.

The governmeme coin for the DRVN Labo ecosystem is now available to trade on Uniswap. For more information on Based Buster Coin head over to busteronbase.xyz.

Airdrops Are On The Way Delayed

In related news. Due to the challenges with the token launch we have decided to temporarily delay the airdrop. Given the relatively low liquidity we felt that releasing millions of tokens at this time would cause unnecessary sell pressure.

We are regrouping to prepare for a big marketing push for Based Buster Coin. Once volume and liquidity has reached a strong level, the airdrop will be initiated.

The best way to expedite the airdrop is to go buy yourself a bag of $BSTR, and spread the word about it on X.

Bee-tee-dub. If you missed your chance to land some free $BSTR, there will be more contests and competitions coming soon to earn a bag. Activations will be posted on our 𝕏 account and Telegram channel.

Table of Contents

Automotive Web3 Asset Performance




7D Change














































NFT Collections



7D Sales

7D Vol.


Torque Squad

0.053 ETH


0.08 ETH



0.014 ETH


0.08 ETH


REVV Racing



0.01 ETH


NXT Icons Era 1

0.09 ETH




NXT Superdackel

0.0099 ETH


0.02 ETH


BAC Genesis Runner

0.28 ETH


23 ETH


Velocity 2.0

0.188 ETH




Wilder Wheels

0.25 ETH


15.04 ETH


Wilder Moto

0.154 ETH


1.75 ETH


Wilder Crafts

1.15 ETH


0.95 ETH



Four strokes of quick-fire news from the automotive web3 world.


DRVN/VHCLS was selected to participate in the Backdrop Build accelerator program! (Making our mediocre token launch suck a little less)


SpeedThrone teases their coming game and deflationary token, $SPDT with what appears to be a 300M total supply. Good tokenomics for a moonshot if you ask me.


Blast Auto Club opens phase 2 NFT staking event (learn more here), and releases details on their BAC token IDO.


OBS World picks up new partnerships with WOW Earn & ReneVerse, as well as a mystery IP deal!

Torque Drift 2 v0.9 is Here

Update 0.9 has just released! This version introduces some significant new features including Tofu, a new currency which you can earn by playing the new Freestyle game mode! There is also now a weekly leaderboard which contains rewards for the best players in the world!

Also included in this update:

  • Refreshed In-Game Shop

  • New Modkit Road Tool

  • A whole host of new cars including the Nissan R33, Toyota Chaser, Toyota MK4 Supra, Honda S2000, Honda Civic Type R Pro cars are finally purchasable; this includes Adam LZ’s S15 (see below), Forsbergs Z, Odi Bakchis S15 and Sammit’s S15!

Torque Motorsport Videos

Here’s some more great content from Torque Motorsport to get you excited about TD2 and the IRL drift life.

The Motorverse Zealy Sprint 3

Your next chance to win some non-fungible goodies from the Motorverse has arrived. Check the posts below for the full details on how to participate in their 3rd Zealy Sprint.

While the prizes are limited everyone who completes the sprint will earn the Motorverse Champion role in the Discord server. Not sure what that does for you, but it’s good for at least a little cred.

Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons Era 2 Deep Dive

Mercedes-Benz needs no introduction. However, the details about their second NXT Icons collection definitely deserved a deep dive post of its own. So, that’s exactly what I did.

Every petrol head intent on building their digital car collection should have eyes on “The Era of Technology”.

Exiled Racers Opens the Base Racing League

I recently discovered Exiled Racers. A space themed racing management and prediction game that boasts some pretty awesome graphics and impressive cross-chain tech. Sure, it may feature spaceships instead of cars, but it is all about the racing which is good enough for me!

I admit to knowing very little about it at this time, but I plan on learning more, as I have registered to join the Base Racing League. If I’m lucky enough to get in, you bet your brake-pads that I will get you the inside scoop.

Wilder World v0.3.2 is Live

Another project premier within the digital pages of Daily DRVN is Wilder World . A sleek yet gritty scifi racing game coming soon to the Epic Games Store. For those who don’t want to wait, testers can now play version 0.3.2.

An MAN does this game look good! So good in fact, that I’ll be testing it as soon as I can to share my first-hand experience with all my DRVN readers.

Here’s what testers can expect in the new version.

Gameplay Updates Include:

  • A new underground racetrack

  • Track availability update: players can now race on all 5 tracks

  • Simplified matchmaking: The system will randomly select a track if players have selected different races.

UI Improvements:

  • Leaderboard filter allowing players to select all cars, enabling a broader view of race rankings and performance across different vehicle models

  • Dropdown hover sound fix

  • Lap times on HUD now shows the "best lap" and "last lap" times during races, helping players to track their performance

  • New region added: Seoul

Vehicle Updates:

  • Dynamic spoiler update on The Wiura that reacts to speed and braking

  • NOS VFX update: visual effects for NOS have been updated (Based Buster would be proud!)

That will do it for this issue of Daily DRVN. I hope you enjoyed it. If so please share it with your friends and community. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe so you can stay in the loop on everything the automotive web3 community is building.


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