Daily DRVN #18

More news than a Hellcat's got horses!

Hey there, DRVR! 

Welcome to paradise for pixel-loving petrol heads. We have a ton of new subscribers with us this week, so for those of you who are new here, I’m RΞ𝕏. Your pace-car driver through this little slice of web3 dedicated to vehicle inspired creators, projects, and protocols.

Let’s dive into the past week in automotive web3 culture.

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SSBB - DRVN Edition

Four strokes of quick-fire news from the web3 and wider motorsport world DRVN ecosystem.

Last Friday we concluded our $BSTR Airdrop Drag Race campaign. If you acted fast and did your part to register for the airdrop, and boosted your allocation by referring others, congrats, your allocation has been recorded. If you didn’t, sucks to be you.

Luckily, we have more opportunities on the way to earn airdrops, both before and after our token launches.

In fact, our next contest is barreling your way as you read this. We will be introducing our first 𝕏 Thread Contest, where participants will compete for a prize pool of $500.

To make sure you're in the best possible position to join the action follow our accounts on 𝕏 at @DRVNlabo & @BasedBusterCoin, join the $BSTR Telegram group… And of course, stay subscribed to DRVN Culture.

Automotive Web3 Asset Performance




7D Change






































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7D Vol.


Torque Squad

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REVV Racing



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NXT Icons Era 1

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0.11 ETH


NXT Superdackel

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BAC Genesis Runner

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9.81 ETH


Velocity 2.0

0.377 ETH


$16.69 ETH


Torque Drift Formula Drift 2024 Season Begins

Get ready for a new season of Formula Drift in the original Torque Drift game! Compete against your friends and become the champion. The first round will take place in Long Beach, California, with exclusive challenges and limited-time offers.

The Formula Drift Championship in TD1 has been a popular event since 2022, running alongside the real FD season. Join in and compete for prizes and official merchandise from Formula Drift, Torque Motorsport, and Torque Drift. In-game and real-world prizes for the Top 8 Leaderboard Players will be rewarded at the end of the last round in Irwindale!

Twitch rewards are also back, so make sure to subscribe to the Twitch channel and collect your monthly goodies. And for an even more immersive experience, you can now fine-tune the brake balance on both pro and stock vehicles. If you enjoy the thrill of drifting, this is your time to shine!

Motorverse in Dubai for Token 2049

The flagship property in digital vehicle culture has been on a world-wide tour since Animoca Brands introduced the Motorverse. This weekend they will be in Dubai at the Token 2049 conference, showcasing their AAA drifting sim, Torque Drift 2.

To kick things off they are holding an 𝕏 Megaspace, just moments from when this newsletter is being published. Tune in if you can. Otherwise, you can catch the recording at your leisure. Links in the post below.

The Motorverse will be following that up with an appearance on Rug Radio, live from Dubai at 12pm local time. Details are below. Check your time-zone conversion to make sure you don’t miss it.

OBS World Also Making an Appearance at Token 2049

Also representing Automotive Web3 at the conference is our friends at OBS World (the metaverse for petrol heads.) Follow their adventures on 𝕏 to see what their getting into.

Veloce Sim Teams Rack Up More Esports Wins

Where Esports meets Web3, Veloce dominates. Last week we highlighted a handful of incredible accomplishments from some of their team drivers.

This week they set the bar even higher! Here are a collection of tweets highlighting their most recent podiums.

Torque Squad Staking Rewards Arrive

If you are a PFP carrying member of the Torque Squad, like me you’ve probably been waiting on bated breath for the Season 0 staking awards to arrive. Well, the wait is over.

Now the question is, will you sweep the Torqie floor to stack even more $REVV during Season 1? 🤔 

Oracle Red Bull Racing - Velocity Series Pass 2.0

For three, going on four seasons in a row the Oracle Red Bull Racing has been an unstoppable force in F1. This is due in large part to their engineering and strategic genius, and their uncanny ability to turn catering budgets off the track to countless wins on the track (IYKYK).

So it’s no surprise that when they do web3, they go hard. Last week they launched the Velocity Series Pass 2.0, with all 900 NFTs selling out in just a couple hours.

The thing that makes this collection stand out is that it’s one of the first high-profile brands to adopt the DN-404 standard. In other words, the NFT collection is fractionalized and tradeable as a standard ERC20 fungible token, $SPEED.

(We will be tracking these tokens every week, as you can see in the expanded Asset Performance section above.)

What is the Velocity Series?

Bybit and Oracle Red Bull Racing are teaming up to bring fans the Velocity Series for Season 2 of the 2024 F1 race season. This series combines speed, technology, art, and innovation, all inspired by race team data and on-track telemetry from our RB20 F1 car. Through this collaboration, you can enjoy exclusive digital art from top artists, providing a unique Web3 experience. The series, curated with AOI, will have three releases throughout the 2024 season. Each release will offer a variety of NFT collections exclusively available to Velocity Pass 2.0 holders.

What is Velocity Pass 2.0?

Velocity Pass 2.0 holders get exclusive access and benefits including:

  • Access to three exclusive NFT artwork drops by world-class artists in 2024

  • Access to any & all surprises (whatever that means)

  • Entry into raffles for amazing prizes

Unfortunately, fractional ownership does not qualify for these benefits.

Get your hands on a full NFT pass here:

Or snag the fractional assets on the ByBit DEX here:

Motorin’ with Tom & His TVR

When our friend Tom, the project lead at Secret DR/VR Club, isn’t talking crypto on 𝕏 or in the $DRIVE Coin Club Discord server, he’s chronicling his life as a classic TVR race car driver on his YouTube channel.

Recently he documented the process of dropping a fresh motor in his 1971 TVR Vixen S2. This man literally lives the dream most DRVN readers share. To blend his passion for motorsport both online and IRL.

Give the video a watch and be sure to subscribe.

Want to know more about Tom and his TVR? We are preparing an in-depth article featuring this historic hot-rod and the man who hoons it. Stay tuned for that.

That will do it for this issue of Daily DRVN. I hope you enjoyed it. If so please share it with your friends and community. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe so you can stay in the loop on everything the automotive web3 community is building.


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