Daily DRVN #17

Digital vehicle culture is spreading to every narrative in web3

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Oh, and I can’t forget to mention… Holders of certain automotive web3 collections will also see a boost for each asset they own. For the full details, you’ll want to read the post below.

With that PSA out of the way, let’s see what the automotive web3 space has been up to this past week.

Automotive Web3 Asset Performance




7D Change


































NFT Collections



7D Sales

7D Vol.


Torque Squad

0.06 ETH


0.17 ETH



0.0109 ETH




REVV Racing

0.0004 ETH


0.04 ETH


NXT Icons Era 1

0.08 ETH


0.09 ETH


NXT Superdackel

0.0099 ETH




BAC Genesis Runner

0.49 ETH


0.998 ETH


Table of Contents


Four strokes of quick-fire news from the web3 and wider motorsport world.

Hivemapper rewards effected by Solana congestion. But then again, everything on Solana right now if feeling the traffic jam.

Torque Squad’s Season 0 PFP token staking rewards arrive April 12th. To get in on Season 1 go grab yourself a Torqie and prepare to earn some $REVV.

Blast Auto Club maintains the top NFT project by UAW (user active wallets) on the Blast network for 2 weeks in a row.

MotoGP Guru is giving away 4 tickets to the Americas GP in Austin TX. The winners will be selected today, so good luck to everyone who entered.

OBS World Holds Their First Hybrid Car Show

On Saturday, April 6th OBS World held one of, if not THE first hybrid car shows in the world. Participants had the opportunity to visit the private event at the B'Mine Hotel in Düsseldorf Germany, or attend virtually via the OBS World app.

The only thing more incredible than the game-changing nature of this event was the fact that they got a Porsche 911 GT2RS and a GT3RS up into their high-rise hotel room. Bruh!

Veloce Sim Teams Take 1st & 3rd in Nordschleife 24hr Race

SIM racing is becoming a driving force in the automotive web3 culture, and notable wins only help solidify this incredible synergy.

On Sunday two Veloce teams took podiums in the grueling 24hr Nordschleife race.

P1 in the GT4 class went to a crew of four in their purple VEXT liveried McLaren.

While somehow even more impressively, Luke Whitehead took P3 in the GT3 class, completing the entire 24-hour race entirely solo, with no breaks.

Atlas Navi Releases Drive2Earn 2.0 campaign

DePin, or Decentralized Physical Infrastructure in the automotive sector is inevitable, with the two top contenders being Hivemapper and Atlas Navi. While Hivemapper was struggling with all too familiar Solana woes, Atlas Navi was busy launching their Drive2Earn 2.0 campaign. What exactly does that mean? This 𝕏 post says it all.

BTW, you might be asking how inevitable this space actually is. Here are 6 trillion reasons why it is the future.

Torque Motorsport: Going from SIM to IRL

For those who can’t get enough Torque Drift 2, the logical next step is to upgrade your sim rig for the real thing. Alex Martini shares why he thinks the Toyota GR86 is the best drift car for beginners.

Reader’s Rides

Every new subscriber gets a short series of welcome emails, and one of the first things we ask is for them to share their ride on 𝕏 or Insta. Well, it appears someone finally decided to take us up on our offer!

 @MetroBGW shares his Fiat Abarth 500c. This is how Italy does a hot hatch! It may be cute but it has a dark side. Like Pikachu after his 4th cup of coffee.

Let’s keep it going DRVRs! Post your ride to 𝕏 or Instagram and tag @DRVNlabo for a chance to have your ride featured in a future issue.

That will do it for this issue of Daily DRVN. I hope you enjoyed it. If so please share it with your friends and community. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe so you can stay in the loop on everything the automotive web3 community is building.

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