Daily DRVN #16

DRVN announcements galore!

GM DRVRs. Can you smell that? We are cooking! 

After weeks of automotive web3 projects pumping out hard-hitting alpha, info, and updates, we surprisingly find ourselves in a slow news cycle. Like, Prius slow.

This is just as well because we at DRVN have some major news that can take the spotlight.

Ready? Steady… GO!

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Torque Squad Joins the DRVN Culture Family

Or is that DRVN Culture joined the Torque Squad family? Either way…

When I set out to make DRVN Culture the ultimate automotive Web3 community publication, Torque Squad was on the top of my list for content collaboration. Afterall, I have been rocking a Torqie PFP for a while now. Well, today I am proud to announce that we have officially teamed up to make that a reality!

This partnership means we now have a direct line of communication with their team to get all the early alpha and announcements, ensuring our subscribers are among the first to know when they drop important info. It also means we will be working with them to create original written and multimedia content including exclusive interviews with the team and founder, behind-the-scenes conversations with the team, and opportunities to collaborate with their community to publish guest posts and showcase their off-line automotive lifestyle. I am confident that this is just the tip of the spark plug.

If you’re new to the automotive web3 streets, Torque Squad is the de facto helmet-covered face of digital vehicle culture. Created by professional Formula 3 & GT3 driver Matthew Solomon, backed by the legendary Animoca Brands, and serving as the rallying PFP of The Motorverse; Torque Squad has become the symbol of the automotive web3 community.https:

Introducing DRVN Labo

Last week in Daily DRVN Issue #15 we announced that we have officially begun our journey to manifest the full vision for the DRVN brand; Introducing our flagship product, DRVN/VHCLS, an RWA platform for JDM investment vehicles, and our ecosystem “governmeme” token $BSTR.

To unite the projects in our portfolio we have formed DRVN Labo to serve as the parent company for all our automotive web3 endeavors.

As our first order of business, we spun up the @DRVNlabo 𝕏 profile, which will be our primary social media outlet for every project carrying the DRVN name.

Based Buster Coin Incoming!

DRVN is jockeying for position at the forefront of digital vehicle culture. In web3 there is no better way to build culture and community than with a memecoin. So, here we go!

We are going full speed ahead on launching Based Buster Coin (the ticker is $BSTR) to rally a community around the growing automotive web3 niche. $BSTR has it all!

  • An original memecoin narrative focused on automotive culture

  • A highly memeable reference to the definitive automotive pop-culture franchise

  • Perfect timing to ride the Base chain memecoin hype

  • Negligible transaction fees and layer-2 speed

  • A fair launch with no presale

  • Easy access to an airdrop

  • A project vision to build and maintain momentum

  • Utility in our coming RWA platform

  • A charity mechanism to generate even more positive vibes

If you’re reading this, you’re hella early! Follow us NOW to get a jump on the competition, before the degen masses and memecoin whales discover the project.

Follow our 𝕏 account @BasedBusterCoin

Join our Telegram channel.

Airdrop Farming Drag Race

This project is all gas and no brakes. We won’t stop until every petrolhead with a Metamask wallet is fomoing to get their $BSTR bags. The best way to kick start the community is with some good ol’ airdrop farming.

The race kicks off on Friday April 5th and is open for seven days until Friday the 12th. That means you have just 1 week to register and rack up your allocation multipliers!

All the details will be released VERY soon. First to our subscribers, then to our 𝕏 followers and TG members. So get in gear, and get ready to claim your Based Buster Coins.

Partner Project Allocation Boosts

Members of our partner projects will receive an added boost to their airdrop allocation when they register.

Eligible partner collections include:

The DRIVE Coin Sim Racing Team takes 1st in the iRacing Serbring 12 Hour Race

I don’t care if you’re strapped into an over-engineered death sled, or a home sim rig. Being in full race mode for hours on end is a feat few people can endure, let alone excel at.

That’s why this week we have to give props to the $DRIVE Coin Club sim racing team and their drivers Julian Meert and Tom van Riet, who conquered the Sebring circuit in the iRacing endurance challenge.

DRIVE Coin and the Race2Earn sponsors (of which we are one) are really making their mark in the sim racing scene. And I’m here for it!

The Livery that Pays

Drive Coin Club and Secret DR/VR Club introduced their Race2Earn sponsorship program earlier this year. Since then, enrollment has been growing by leaps and bounds, and hundreds of $DRIVE coins have been rewarded to racers.

Last month they achieved a new ATH participation, logging more than 60 sponsored races. Up 100% from the previous month. Let’s keep the momentum going. If you sim, earning some $DRIVE is a click away.

OBS World is Holding their First Hybrid Car Show

I’m not talking about a meetup for Prius owners. That would be lame.

This Saturday, April 6th OBS World is hosting an IRL car show in Düsseldorf Germany, and in the metaverse via the OBS World app! Word has it this is the first of many such experiences they have planned. It is sure to be an amazing showcase of their platform and brand.

How to join… if you don’t live in Düsseldorf? Download the OBS World app.

To find out more, give this article a read and join their 𝕏 Space tomorrow. I, Rex Tracer will be there as a guest speaker talking about the future of virtual car events.

Don’t forget our giveaways!

Our Subscriber Contest and $DRIVE coin giveaway is still active! Everyone who subscribes will receive 1 free $DRIVE, and once we hit 1,000 subs we will give away 100 $DRIVE to one lucky subscriber.

Refer Subscribers for a chance to win this Superdackel NFT from Mercedes-Benz.

DRVN Culture Subscriber Competition #1

The first person to refer 20 subscribers will win this Mercedes-Benz NXT Superdackel NFT! Plus every participant can earn points towards an airdrop of our government coin, $BSTR.

To participate you must subscribe to DRVN Culture, then use your referral link found below to onboard new subscribers.

The winner will be announced as soon as a subscriber has reached 20 referrals.

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That will do it for this issue of Daily DRVN. I hope you enjoyed it. If so please share it with your friends and community. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe so you can stay in the loop on everything the automotive web3 community is building.

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