Daily DRVN #1

Midlife Crisis? New GT-Uhh, and more...

Here it is! The very first edition of the Daily DRVN newsletter. Today is a significant day. Not only because things are officially underway. But it just so happens that today is the 40th birthday of yours truly.

This is prime midlife crisis territory. Am I having one? That remains to be seen. Some people give in and buy their dream car. Well, mine’s already in my garage. Mind you, it hasn't run in over 6 months, and it's in about 1,000 pieces. But it's there.

No. My inner child was calling me instead to start DRVN Culture. You see, for the past 4 years I have been working in the tumultuous web3 world. You know, blockchain, NFTs, Crypto ponzi schemes. It's like working in the digital wild-west. It's exhilarating. But it can also be exhausting. For the last year I have been working insane hours to get my software company D¢ENT Ventures off the ground. I still am, but in this market timing is everything. And right now, the time is not quite right.

I have big plans to blend these two passions, blockchain and cars. As it eventually comes together you'll be sure to read all about it here.

However, DRVN Culture is something I've chosen to do for me. To keep my inspiration tank full, and to manifest a lifestyle that keeps me driven. I suspect there are many more people out there that could use the same. So actually, I've chosen to do this for us.

The way I see it, the automotive hobby is for doers, makers and builders. Nice cars ain’t cheap. Add on the limitless things you can do with them and to them, and you’ll agree that it takes someone with drive to be able to take this passion on as a lifestyle. That’s why this newsletter won’t solely be focused on cars. A portion of it will also be dedicated to self-improvement in the physical, mental, and professional realms. Because without thriving there, you won’t be driving anything worth a second glance.

What’s Next?

Below you’ll get a little dose of what’s to come in this newsletter. Doubtless, it will take some time before I find the format and features that will make this publication fire on all cylinders. So for now I will be experimenting with various forms of content. Any and all feedback will help me to filter the good from the bad so were left with nothing but the premium high-octane content that you love.

Also worth noting…

  • I am aiming to publish this newsletter daily, Monday through Friday. Hence the title, Daily DRVN. But don’t hold it against me if I miss a day here or there. My first priority is developing the process that will allow me to post come hell or high water.

  • I don’t just want this newsletter to be about the things that capture my attention. I want this to be a collaboration between me and my readers. So if you have an enthralling story about you and your car, I want to feature it. If you are hosting a car event, I want to share it. If you’ve come across a product every car enthusiast should have, I want to review it. And if you have an itch to write, I would be happy to publish it.

"Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start."

Simon Sinek

This is precisely my approach to DRVN Culture. The newsletter is just the tip of the iceberg.

Is that the new GT-Rrraaggllfff 🤮 

No that’s not the newest Cylon fighter-ship (80’s scifi fans will know what I’m talkin’ bout). It’s Nissan’s new GT-err, Hyper Force concept car.

And yes, it’s electric. My first reaction was to throw up in my mouth a little. But as you get a look at it from other angles... Baby got back! I’ll give them a pass on that monstrosity of a front valance, for now. Clearly, Nissan didn’t account for speed bumps at this stage.

The Shocking Surprise: Nissan's Electric Dance at Tokyo

Nissan just threw a curveball that's left us all in a tizzy. The Tokyo Motor Show has had its fair share of jaw-dropping moments, but this? This is like finding out your cat can actually sing opera.

Hyper Force: The Electric Phantom of Nissan?

So, let's get down to brass tacks. Nissan reveals a concept car that might just replace the aging, but much revered, Nissan GT-R supercar. And guess what? It's electric! Yes, you read it right. They've named it the "Hyper Force", which honestly sounds like a rejected superhero team name. But hey, who are we to judge?

Now, while the car isn’t branded as a GT-R, it’s like seeing your friend wearing a disguise at a costume party. You know who it is, even if they’re wearing Groucho Marx glasses.

Badge of Mystery

And to add to the drama, there's a red and white GT-R badge on the car's nose. But wait, it's all blurry. Is this Nissan's way of playing hard to get? It's like they're winking at us but not committing to the relationship. Classic move, Nissan.

Power to the (Electric) People!

There's chatter in the grapevines of Japan that the R35 GT-R might be replaced by an electric sports sedan come 2028. Are they eyeing the Porsche Taycan? Well, the car showcased in Tokyo is poles apart. It’s like comparing apples and... electric apples?

The Hyper Force is juiced up with electric motors boasting a whopping 1000kW. That’s double the power of today’s GT-R Nismo. It's like Nissan had the car on an intravenous drip of protein shake an and sent it to the gym.

A Design Blast from the Past

In the design department, Nissan seems to be playing the nostalgia card hard. There are elements reminiscent of the GT-R, especially those four circular tail-lights. It's like Nissan is trying to remind us of that ex we can't forget. Then they slammed it together with a little Tron, a little Bat Mobile, and a lotta Battle Star Galactica. What can you say? Nostalgia sells.

Inside the Electric Beast

Hop inside and it feels like you’ve been teleported into a racing video game. Nissan says it was inspired by, well, racing video games. Screens have been designed in collaboration with Polyphony Digital. And when stationary, the car turns into a racing simulator. All you need is a "special helmet" (probably not included) and you can race against the clock or online racers. It's like your childhood dream come true, minus the cheat codes.

The GT-R Connection

Nissan has been dropping hints left and right. The vehicle's drive modes are R (racing) and GT (grand touring). And they've made sure to explain it in that order in their press release. It's like they're dropping breadcrumbs, hoping we'll follow the trail to GT-R.

Safety Third, Always

The Hyper Force isn’t just about speed and style. With autonomous driving technology, lidar technology, and a plethora of sensors, it promises a high level of safety. Whether you're zipping through city streets or showing off on the circuit, Nissan's got your back. But with how gash darn fast this car theoretically is, let’s face it, most of those saferty features have diminishing returns at 200mph.

In Conclusion...

Nissan, you cheeky brand, you've got our attention. The Hyper Force might just be a concept, but it's got us all excited for the future. Whether it's the next GT-R or not, it's evident that Nissan's not just thinking outside the box; they're tearing the box apart.

Watch this!

(Oh, those famous last words)

Donut Media, one of my hands-down favorite automotive content creators just dropped their latest video. The crew explore Australia's underground car scene and it's insane! From off-roaders to drift cars, this video has it all. Plus, did you know Isuzu Dmax is the top-selling car in Australia now? Check it out!

Drip, drip, drip

We’re not talking about your oil leak (you should really look into that). In Gen-Z slang “drip” means fashion or clothing. And there is a lot of great automotive lifestyle “drip” out there. Here’s one brand that’s recently caught my eye. Ruckus.

Beyond their sweet designs, they embody the attitude we seek to foster here at DRVN Culture. Can you dig it?

For Sale Gawking


Motorsport Meme of the Day


That will do it for the first edition of the Daily DRVN newsletter. If you’re not already, please subscribe! We’ve got so much to share.

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Until next time, work hard so you can drive hard!

—Rex Tracer


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